who work together

"three guys

who kid each other
and love each other"

- Sammy Davis


88 Keys

As such, Ralph, Tommy and Giovanni have set the stage. 
88 Keys is an experience for the senses. Relaxing mood lighting. Live piano entertainment. Mid-century furniture throughout. 
Expertly created craft cocktails. Small signature plates. Old-world tin bar ceilings. Warm golden dining room décor. 
The 1950’s era was known as the Golden Age of sophistication and style. 88 Keys on Main wishes to preserve this unique experience.
Dress to Impress!!


Andres Calderon

Andres Calderon was born and raised in Waterbury CT, Attending W.F. Kaynor Technical High School until leaving for Lincoln Tech Culinary Institute. With 6 years of culinary experience, Andres is a certified chef who strives to devote his skills and love within every dish he creates.


Drew Griffith

88 Keys came knocking with the head mixologist position and Drew knew his experience was a perfect match.  It is such a honor to work for three visionaries with such a rich history of impeccable service and incomparable quality. Drew strives to be creative and wants the experience at 88 Keys to be unforgettable. 

the second

You Walk through the door

You will feel transported back to 1950, where it echoes glitz and glamour. You would swear that Frank, Sammy, and the rest of the Rat Pack designed it.

Language of the 50's

rat pack

Back in the day, during the 50’s, the Rat Pack created their own language. It was a blend of slang and cool
terms that helped make them undisputedly the; kings of cool; in the heyday of Vegas.

These are only a few of our favorites…


– a term of admiration for a personal, place, or thing; similar to cool.

Locked Up

– as in; all locked-up, a term for a forthcoming date or engagement, private or public.


– a highly admired person; the end.


– a resourceful person who can handle any situation.

A grand piano

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